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Critical Need for Radio System Updates

Arizona HB 2726 helps update aging radio communication systems that are used by public safety throughout the state of Arizona. Aging systems that date back as far as the 1970s are becoming increasingly difficult to "piece back together" and impossible to find parts for. Arizona's public safety communication systems are one bad snowstorm in the north or one bad monsoon in the south from dismantling communication systems in those regions that are used by our public safety personnel. These radio systems affect all of us, from the four corners tip of the Navajo Nation to our most southern borders. While you may be able to call 911 for help, should these radio systems fail, dispatchers will not be able to get you the help you need. HB2726 helps make these updates, biting off another piece of a pie that is years in the making. HB2726 is not a partisan issue. It's an ARIZONA issue. Ask your legislator to support HB2726 and hold Arizona's government branches accountable to ensure it is in this year's budget. Keep Arizona's public safety communication systems running!

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